Who we are


Empowering people to embrace continued learning as a pathway to a brighter future. 


Families are thriving, adults are self-sufficient, and children aspire to lead successful lives.


College of Hope was founded in 1999 as an extension of Housing Hope.

This program was designed to be an adult-education program with the intent of empowering families to embrace continued learning as a pathway to a brighter future. The four main class categories we offer are:


Family life

Economic Well-being

Health & Wellness

 Housing Expertise


A central learning center is located on the Housing Hope campus in Everett. Courses are taught by expert instructors from the community and are designed to help individuals reflect and grow from personal life experiences, as a way to learn more effectively. In 2006, we opened College of Hope classes to all residents of Snohomish County and beyond, making it easier than ever to have access to these services. We now teach classes in the following cities:








College of Hope is dedicated to assisting Snohomish County residents in removing barriers and developing a solid foundation of knowledge from which to build an independent life. College of Hope's innovative approach to life-skills education; including transportation to classes, a freshly cooked meal, and childcare while in session, has helped thousands of community members take the next step in improving their own self-efficacy. 

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