Shannon's Story

Housing Hope

I remember it like it was yesterday, walking into College of Hope with the opportunity to learn about cooking and get my new crock pot. I was hesitant at first but honestly College of Hope has impacted my life by surrounding me with caring, awesome individuals who feel like family to me. When i first started i thought that the cooking class would be the only class I would take, I was so wrong. I came back, I started 1-2-3 Magic and Incredible Years, so much opportunity to get involved and grow that i couldn't pass up such a great opportunity. These parenting classes were what I needed as an adult and a parent. I feel I have great growth from these classes. I was nourished and I have learned and taken home with me different and great methods wherever I go.

I also took Art as Communication and I loved it. There were tears and expressions and lots of talent. I was able to let out my feelings through my art and share with my class. So much fun and a sense of liberation. The classes that I have taken are very influential, and make room to grow mentally and emotionally. I love to keep busy and this allowed me more opportunity for growth and meet new people who have different experiences whom you can learn from. I recommend College of Hope to everyone.



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