Robin's Story

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

A grateful student:

Where to begin... I came across College of Hope on my Facebook account, in the form of a parenting class that caught my eye. I was very excited to learn that not only do they have an evening class that was free for the person(s) taking the class, but they also provided free dinner, child care, and transportation to and from that night's class, as well.

If it wasn't for the free child care, I would have not been able to attend the many classes that I have taken with College of Hope. Our family has many challenges that it prevents a lot of things that I would love to get to do on a regular bases. For example, night classes or an evening date with my husband.

I have taken classes from "Keep it Clean" to "1-2-3 Magic" and many other classes in between. I have felt that I have brought a different point of view to all of the classes, but have taken away much more when I leave the classes. Whether it is a new parenting tool to work on with my kids, or learning how to cook from the food we already have in our home; saving us from going out every night to eat because "there is nothing to eat in the house" when there is clearly food to eat. I am still learning and trying out my new-found skills, all the while sharpening some of the parenting/personal tools that I already knew about. As a family of several challenges that face our home daily, we are still working on becoming more and more on the same page with what we would like to see our home become. With time and effort I know these classes will have a positive impact on the continued high stress levels for our whole family.

I am looking forward to being in many more classes in the future years to come. I would highly, highly recommend any and all of the classes that are currently in place, as well as any new and different ones that come down the road in time.

I cannot express the amount of knowledge I have come away with from these classes! I wish for many more years for this program to keep going for so many others that haven't had a chance to attend one of your classes.



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