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Parenting 101: How to Bridge the Gap

Have you been having struggles trying to connect with your children? Does it seem like everything you try to do doesn't work out how you want it to?

Then it might be beneficial for you to try out our Incredible Years (IY) program. IY is an evidence-based program, delivered by a trained group of instructors, and is backed by years of research proving the effectiveness of the curriculum. The main goal of IY is to strengthen families by increasing positive discipline, parent-child attachment, and improving the confidence of caregivers in their ability to parent in general.

During our 16-week course you'll hear personal stories from our instructors, be given a book to follow along with, be assigned interactive homework assignments, watch vignettes that illustrate examples of the content, and participate in role-play activities to help develop the skills you learn in class. Parents/caregivers are given the opportunity to learn how to get on their child's level, as well as how to get into their child's spotlight and stay there. You will gain the skills needed to tackle many of the difficulties your family may face. Raising a child comes with all sorts of trials and tribulations, but with the IY program parents have the chance to learn and grow together, creating a support system to help you though the most difficult of situations.

"The skills I've learned and the tools I've used as a result of taking the Incredible Years class have given me a lot more confidence as a single mother. I feel like a positive role model for my daughter and son." - Previous IY Graduate

There have been many studies published regarding the effectiveness of this program with parents of children who experience behavioral disorders such as ADHD and ODD. The results show significant reductions in difficult interactions between parents and children and a noticeable improvement in positive parenting. These results have also shown sustained effects for two to three years after completing the course.

We are proud to offer the Incredible Years: Basic program 2 times per year, in order to help break down barriers faced by our clients as best as we can. In addition to the basic program, we also offer Incredible Years: Supporting Children Experiencing Autism once per year, to help provide support for parents of children with autism. In this course, there is an increased focus on coaching language development, as well as imitation and sensory routines. Parents explore the use of pretend play to promote empathy and social skills, which helps to build up those crucial abilities that don't come as naturally to children experiencing autism.

College of Hope has seen first-hand the benefits of these programs for the clients that we serve, which is why we have been offering them periodically over the last 8 years. Over the course of 2019, between the two IY programs we offer (Incredible Years: Basic & Incredible Years: Supporting Children Experiencing Autism), 54 parents graduated, for a total of 804 client hours spent learning the curriculum.

Below is a photo of our most recent graduating class. Congratulations parents on your hard work and dedication! Thank you for choosing to grow and learn through Incredible Years with College of Hope.

If this sounds like a class that could help you bridge the gap between you and your child, then think about registering for our upcoming classes: Incredible Years: Supporting Children Experiencing Autism that begins April 29th, 2020 or Incredible Years: Basic that begins July 29th, 2020. You can send us an email at collegeofhope@housinghope.org or give us a call at 425-353-8112 to register. Be sure to keep an eye on our website where we will be adding our upcoming classes collegeofhope.org .

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If you would like to read some articles about this influential program, here are a few that were used when writing this post:

- Adapting the Incredible Years, and evidence-based parenting programme, for families involved in the child welfare system

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For additional information, visit their website:


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