New Car Seat Laws for 2020

In order to keep kiddos safe, the state of Washington has made changes to the laws regarding car seats. Here are the new regulations, so that you can continue to make sure that your children stay as safe as possible, in case of an accident.

While the car seat laws in effect before this change were not as specific, these new laws are very precise in the requirements for each stage as a child grows up.

*Remember that the point of a booster seat is to put the child in the correct position for the shoulder strap. So make sure that children using a booster seat are placed in a seat with a shoulder strap, not just a lap belt.

If your child is 4'9" or above, follow the five-step test below to ensure that it's safe for them to graduate from using a booster seat to a seatbelt.

Following the new laws are a piece of the puzzle, but keep in mind that nearly 60% of car seats aren't installed correctly. It's a good idea to brush up on correct car seat installation practices, and pass the information along to help keep the children in your life safe. For information on how to properly install car seats and to find a car seat inspection station near you visit

College of Hope has been planning for the roll out of these new laws, and has trained our staff to follow the new standards. We do our best to keep you and your children safe as you take advantage of our free transportation. If you have any questions about the changes, please ask your College of Hope van driver! And for more information please visit

Armed with this new information, you'll be sure to keep your child safe, and keep yourself safe from receiving a costly ticket. Drive safe Washingtonians!

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