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Parenting teenagers can be tough. Have you ever wished that there was some kind of manual or magic playbook that made it easier? In our parents of teens classes, the expert instructors from Cocoon House break down this complicated subject into easy to understand pieces.

Cocoon House is a local non-profit organization in Snohomish County that works to reduce youth homelessness. They accomplish this goal through outreach, housing, and prevention. Outreach means meeting at-risk and homeless teens where they are and supporting them in accessing the items and services that they need. Housing options include emergency shelters throughout the county as well as long term supportive housing. And prevention means early intervention with families; in order to reduce the possibility that the youth will need to leave the home in the first place. Part of the prevention piece also includes a wide array of classes for parents.

We partner with Cocoon House to offer classes for parents of teens/young adults, in order to support parents in building safe and structured environments to help them thrive. Some of our past classes include:

  • Creating Technology Boundaries with Your Teen

  • Creating Teen Independence

  • Handling Today with Your Teen

  • Parental Involvement (and Loss) & the Effects on My Teen

  • A Parent's Guide to Teen Depression

  • Successful Communication with Your Teen

  • What's Going on in My Teen's Brain

Learning how to communicate with and properly support a teenager through multiple stages of development reduces the occurrence and severity of potential conflict. By offering these parents of teens classes, College of Hope is able to partner with Cocoon House to increase access to their prevention strategies and support more families in Snohomish County.

We look forward to offering more parents of teens classes in the new year, and we hope that you'll join us!

Check out our Eventbrite page to register for new classes or follow us on Facebook.

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