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How to Maintain Social Connection During Social Distancing

During this pandemic it's hard to find ways to connect with others. Find ways to share love from afar, from sending letters in the mail, face timing with others and find support when you need it. 


How to Rent a Place: From Start to Finish

Looking to start renting, but don't know where to start? These steps will make this process a whole lot easier. Check out these tips to get renting. 

Working With Difficult People

At some point in life you've probably talked with a person and pondered "Why are they so difficult?" Take a deeper look into this reading and you may find your answer. 


"These skills will help me get a job in the future"

— "Workplace Strategies"

COLLEGE of hope

Developing practical skills and empowering individuals

Let's succeed together! 


Empowering people to embrace continued learning as a pathway to a brighter future. 

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